I have ICM Do 17Z-2 in my collection.

I won’t be building it right away after my ICM He 111H-3 because I will be needing to take a break and find something more relaxing to build next.




However this YouTube video, although the music might be somewhat overwhelming, what you will see is well…quite impressive.

ICM He 111H-3 – Day 27

Day 27 was a day of “reckoning”…

I had to check the spelling of “reckoning” first. My Forgotten Hobby III has to be perfect. For all those who have reviewed this kit on the Internet, they probably haven’t build ICM He 111H-3 because “perfect” can’t apply to this model kit.

ICM He 111H-3 is quite challenging for a 71 year-old, but I will soldier on. Tomorrow I will be working on the engine nacelles and do some touch-up painting in the cockpit area, maybe even painting the engines since painting is what I like best.

We’ll see what happens.

All unglued clear parts will be set aside and await masking which is probably the way to go with all the windows on that plane. 

I know now what was wrong with the fit here and I am sure I can work around that problem later.

The starboard side of the He 111H-3 seems solidly attached and I will leave there.

These two other parts that were joined with masking tape were glued then set aside.


I will be checking tomorrow morning if they are still joined solid.

So much anticipation isn’t?

Tomorrow will proove prove to be just another day on My Forgotten Hobby III.