Airfix Wellington Mk III – Remembering Charles Andrew Reist

I will convert the old Airfix Mk III to an Mk X in homage to this young airman. I wrote this in 2018 on my blog RCAF Alouettes II. It was the second blog about that squadron having used all my free 3 gigabyte downloads on WordPress.

That series of posts about this young man will be all the motivation I need to build this.


This was the first post.


Charles Andrew Reist

Charles Andrew Reist was part of the Alouette Squadron, but not for long. His story will be told by using his service record file.
I did not know Charles Andrew Reist was a member of the Alouettes before his niece wrote this comment…

Hello sorry but I don’t read French. However, my Uncle, Charles was a Sergeant BA 425 Squadron R/163707. He died August 7th, 1943 in World War II. I would like to get pictures of him and his Squadron. Is their any of his Squadron alive. I would love to sent them a note and see if they recall him. His medals, any documentation that I can have copies of. I am doing this in his honor and for my family. I do hope you can help me. Thank you so much. My name is Frances Preston.

I was quite curious to learn more about her uncle so I asked her to give me further details…

What was your uncle’s full name? I will be glad to help.

The reply came quickly…

Hello Pierre, I am sorry forgetting to add his full name. Sgt. Charles Andrew Reist Thank you so very much this really means a lot to me. I never got to meet him but he gave his sister a beautiful silk blanket and pillow for her first girl she had, and I am her. Also as child I was always very sensitive to Remembrance Day. Later my mom told me why.

Pierre again anything you can help me with it I will be so grateful.
Frances Preston

You now understand why I will help Frances learn more about her uncle, who was a rear gunner, and his crew who were killed flying Vickers Wellington Mark X, code KW-R.