Consolidated PBY Catalina Color Photographs Part 4

If I don’t build my Monogram PBY next, it’s not for lack of motivators like Jeff…

Inch High Guy

PBY_41_PBY-5A_VP-61_Aleutians_Mar1943A PBY-5A Catalina amphibian from VP-61 flies over the rugged Aleutian landscape in March 1943. Aerials for the surface search radar can be seen under the wings.
PBY_42_AleutiansAnother photograph from the Aleutians shows this PBY moored to a buoy with others visible in the background. Flying boat squadrons could be based in sheltered bays and supported from seaplane tenders, many of which in the US Navy were converted from flush-deck destroyers.
PBY_43_Puerto Rico 1939, Gov. William_P_LeahyA pre-war photograph taken in 1939 shows a Catalina from Patrol Squadron 51 in the colorful yellow wings markings. Posed in front of the aircraft is the Governor of Puerto Rico, William P. Leahy.
PBY_44_Vice Admiral Patrick N.L. Bellinger, USN, Stands in Center of Large Group of French and American Naval Officers at NAS, Norfolk, VirginiaVADM Patrick Bellinger presides over a ceremony at NAS Norfolk. The PBY is finished in the Atlantic ASW scheme of Gull Gray over White. Note the asymmetric demarcation of the color separation on the fuselage.
PBY_45_brazilian-pby-5a-amphibians-handed-over-by-vp-94-oct-1944-at-rioVP-94 transfers their PBY-5A’s to the Brazilian Navy in this…

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