ICM He 111H-3 – Day 21

If ICM has gone to all this trouble with all these 32 minuscule parts, I don’t see how I could ignore finishing assembling the bombs even if no one will ever notice them in the bomb bay. 

At least I will know they are there. 

Which leaves me to reflect on why we go to all this trouble in the first place.  It’s simple… because ICM has gone to all this trouble with all these 36 minuscule parts so the pleasure of building their He 111H-3 lasts forever.

Even if I had some problems with this build, which is far from being done, I was able to work around them.

Mind you my build won’t be perfect and several joints will still be visible when it is done.

However I am not going to fill the gaps with putty and start sanding.

Sometimes you have to stop because you will never finish a project. 

This is where one of two latest projects is right now waiting for spring to arrive.


I have masked the canopy last September.


I really need to use my airbrush again because the He 111 is so big and has so many clear parts.

I could open up windows and start a fan like I did last winter when I had used my airbrush inside.

I still have my old N95 mask my wife had bought years ago… Maybe I could go this way in a few days since painting is what I like best as well as taking pictures of what I build.

Meanwhile I have watched this last Thursday night on YouTube. I just love how he works his airbrush!

This Revell Ju 88 is the same model kit of the ICM Ju 88A I bought early in January.