Intermission – Contests and shows during the pandemic

Model Airplane Maker puts on a show…

I like model contests and shows. I go to them all the time and I had plans to attend a few in 2020. We all know what happened to those shows. If you remember, there were some hold outs in the spring. Some announced a postponement instead of cancellation. Breath was held and fingers were […]

I actually attended a 2020 Model Contest — Model Airplane Maker

What Has Four Pounds and Biplanes?

He can’t keep something like this to himself and so do I,

The Sprue Lagoon

If that sounds like a trick question to you, then you can imagine how I felt! This box-full-o-awesome arrived at my door just a week or so ago from my excellent friend Alan. He said he had some kits he thought I might like, and knowing my penchant for the weirdly awesome, he gathered together this strike force of sprue for my amazement!

I can’t keep something like this to myself, so I thought I’d share what is easily my biggest, and most exciting, score of this COVID-scrambled year! Check out the Mountain Comes to Me on the Scores and Collections page to see how many kits can fit in a 4 lb box!

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ICM He 111-H3 – Day 19

Although I still enjoy building ICM He 111-H3 I still believe it is over engineered. I guess I will have to live with that.

I had glued these parts the night before to get a head start and the fit was perfect.

However I noticed yesterday afternoon that I should have done step 81 first.



It did not matter since I had skipped step 82. It turned to be a good decision because step 81 was not a great fit after all.



Parts C5 and C48 in step 85 were glued but will be added tomorrow.

All the parts from steps 89 to 93 were cut from the sprues and will be assembled and glued tomorrow.

I hope they will be looking like these, but I doubt it.


Tomorrow I will show you how it went.