Alone, Above All — Making-History

The Photo Recon pilot had no wingman, no flight, no formation. He flew alone in radio silence for hours at a time, navigating on dead reckoning all over mainland Europe; in his unarmed Spitfire he had only its altitude and speed, along with his wits and airmanship as protection.

Alone, Above All — Making-History

ICM He 111H-3 – Day 22

Don’t get me wrong…

I am truly enjoying building my first ICM model kits and I just can’t wait to build all the other ICM kits I have bought.

Learning that Revell Ju 88 is the same model kit of ICM Ju 88A I bought early in January was also interesting to learn. It is the same but cost half the price!

Overall, this is a great kit of this early German heavy dive-bomber. While I might not get to it in the immediate future, it will go on my shelf into the German WWII airplanes as one of them most highly ranked of them all. No matter where you’re coming from, the Revell of Germany/ICM Ju 88A-4 is going to be a great build. Also, the MSRP on this kit is about half of the price for the original ICM kit, so you’ve got yourself quite a deal buying the Revell of Germany boxing.      

My Forgotten Hobby is all about learning like finding with Plane Dave that parts C37 and C37 were hidden in  step 103.

Learning also that you can do whatever you want but then suffer the consequence.

I won’t be making another He 111H-3 so I will have to enjoy what I will do next which is using my airbrush inside thanks to Jeff’s advice.

I airbrush in the basement with the fan on, usually at the end of the modeling session. Big jobs go out in the garage but I usually find my airbrushing sessions only last a few minutes at a time anyway.


Building model airplanes has evolved since 1958 when I built my first model kit… I wrote about it on the original My Forgotten Hobby.

Yesterday saw part of the landing gear glued. The instructions were well… again confusing to say the least so I took a few pictures when I dry fitted the parts to make sure I was doing the right thing.








Once the dry fitting was done I proceeded to glue the parts. We will see the results tomorrow.