Intermission – Modeling references

Some modeling references taken from this Website.

He 111

ICM He 111-H3 – Day 14

Updated 14 November 2020 – 9:00

Sometimes you have to let it go…

I have glued the fuselage parts yesterday afternoon after painting the interior with another homemade mix of RLM 02 or was it RLM 66…?

I have glued just part of the fuselage halves because of some warping mostly in the front.


The He 111 is taking shape more and more and I am enjoying the build. Enjoyment is what it’s all about on My Forgotten Hobby.

Learning that you have to let it go sometimes is what I have to do. I have learned a lot since I started My Forgotten Hobby in December 2014.

I met fellow modelers who were my motivators.

The first motivator was Amateur Airplanes who has stopped writing about his hobby in 2018. Plane Dave was the next motivator, then came Inch High Guy even if Jeff is only into 1/72 scale model aircraft.

My collection is mostly 1/48 scale model aircraft although I have one 1/72 scale Wellington and a few model ships in different scales.

Now speaking about motivators, here is something I have watched on YouTube before. I had not noticed that both Revell and ICM had contributed to this model kit.

Watching it again will help me avoid unforeseen problems in the next steps. I should have watched it more carefully the first time.

I will surely be coming back to YouTube to help me with my next build once my broken canopy arrives in the mail.