Albion AM463

That fuel truck has so much character!

Plane Dave

Its time once again for a look at the scintillating world of airport service vehicles.


Let’s take a look at an early-War fuel truck that served a critical need at a desperate time.

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Trumpeter Vickers Wellington Mk X – Progress report – Step 11

Moving along with step 11 and keeping my expectations to a minimum after fumbling step 8, and strictly following the instructions to the letter whenever possible.

Step 8 instruction

Step 11


Step 11a



Step 11b

I took some photos to show you where I am at right now after glueing the starboard wing…


The pitot tube, which I will eventually break and lose, was added. The fuel jettison pipe was glued after.


The only problem I had encountered was the location of the exhaust pipe.

Step 11b (2)

I should have looked for photos on the Internet first.

exhaust pipe

But in the end I was lucky…just a few millimeters off.


I have added the landing gear doors and the air filter to complete the starboard wing. 

Step 11b (3)

Step 11b (4)

Final result





Next time step 12 and I should not be expecting any unforseeable problems.

Step 12a


Step 12b 





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Trumpeter Vickers Wellington Mk X – Step 8!

Step 8 should have been simple but I forgot to see what I had missed in the instructions.

Step 8


The four Browning .303 machine guns had to be inserted in four little holes which were not wide enough.

Step 8 instruction

I had taken about 30 minutes to try to fit them. Having done so I proceeded with installing parts B7 and B8 which did not seem to fit. It was obvious that I had inserted the machine guns 180 degrees due to combat fatigue!

I had to become a brain surgeon to fix this. I then glued B7 and B8 which were hard to insert. It was only then that I noticed how these parts were protruding.

Step 8 instruction

I should have remembered to look at this photo.

imageproxy (42)

That should teach me a lesson.