ICM He 111-H3 – Day 7

Mating the fuselage halves will still be on hold since I have this feeling sense I will be encountering some problems with the fit and I have not decided yet if I will paint the interior of the He 111.

The chair has already been assembled as well as the rudder but both will be added later.

So what happened since yesterday when I tried to fix the broken part replacing it with a wire?

This is how it looks for now.

Steps 45 and 46 are on hold. 

Part D2-28 was broken and will be replaced by a wire even if it won’t ever be seen.

I have assembled the bombs and the bomb crates.

The parts in the tail section were assembled.

I will give the engines a go next time and probably decide to paint the interior since painting is what I like the best.

We’ll see what happens…