Sometimes you get distracted along the way

Calling it a day last November was only intended to last one or two days at the most, but then I was distracted along the way.

I can’t exactly recall how I was distracted, but I decided to build two other model kits.

These two will be a gift to Guy Fournier whose war hero was Omer Levesque. Never heard of Omer Levesque before?

Omer Levesque is quite famous in the history of aviation. He was the first pilot to shoot down a FW 190. He was also the first pilot to shoot down a MiG 15.

Intermission – I got mail!

I have restarted building my now “infamous” Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb. I have reconciled with it yesterday morning using clothespins to glue the top left wing to the bottom left. Then the top right wing to the bottom right.

There is no need for any more acrimony on my part. I have decided to soldier on with that build although I keep shaking my head with some issues, mainly the main landing gear.

So what’s new on My Forgotten III?

I got mail yesterday afternoon…

I am so glad I had this impulse buying last month, and I just can’t wait for the mailman’s next delivery.




After these three, I still have a few more just waiting to leave by plane from Austria.

ICM Me 109F-4

Eduard F6F-5N

Eduard Spitfire Mk XVI