Paint « Marbling » Now On YouTube

Whether we are pre-shading panel lines, post shading, black basing, dot filtering, mottling or marbling, the goal is to find a way to weather or distress the paint finish and otherwise to bring some interest to the surface of the model. When I first got back into the hobby (circa 2007) the finishing technique that […]

Paint « Marbling » Now On YouTube

A Most Historic F4F Wildcat Lost to the Scrap Heap

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[This guest post, as well as small scale model, is by Mickeen Hogan who researches World War II U.S. Navy aviation.]


Perhaps the most famous Grumman Wildcat of all time is the F4F-3 Bureau Number (BuNo) 4031—with the “-3” model being the last of the non-folding winged Wildcat made. As luck would have it, this particular Wildcat became historically significant as it was flown into many battles and became the highest scoring of the F4F-3 Wildcats. 

F4F-3 Wildcat (BuNo. 4031) was originally assigned to Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-211 which subsequently sent its Wildcat fighters, embarked on the USS Enterprise (CV-6), to Wake Island during November 1941. However, due to engine trouble, BuNo 4031 remained aboard the USS Enterprise (CV-6) until its return to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii—as fate had it, this ferry mission to Wake Island saved Enterprise from the infamous 7 December 1941 attack by the Japanese Imperial…

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Intermission – Jeff’s He 111H-20


I have been following Jeff’s blog since 2019 if my memory is correct. Jeff’s latest project was the He 111H-20. It’s worth visiting to see what he has done converting Hasegawa’s He 111.

As a tribute to Jeff’s work I have used one of his photos as a wallpaper on my Samsum tablet.

I am still waiting for the call of spring to jump start finishing my He 111 project. Having this wallpaper should serve as a daily reminder spring is just a few weeks away.

Until then you can enjoy what Jeff is doing.