Remembering December 6, 2013…and the F-86


This is the original post if you have not click on the link above. It was probably the shortest post I wrote…

What’s your favorite hobby?

Mine is writing blogs. Before, this was my favorite hobby…

Building model kits. Why not combine both hobbies, one from the past with this one? While you are pondering over this, you can visit this blog about an amateur  airplane model kit builder whose motto is Let’s build!

Click here.

As for the progress report on my build, it will appear here only, not on future posts. You will have to come back sometimes to see what is happening.

F-86 – Day 1




Some parts…






These are the first two steps.

Here is the decal sheet which will probably be useless… I will make a copy on my inkjet printer using decal paper.

 Day 2

Joining the fuselage halves…

 Day 3

Joining the upper and lower wings…

Rock solid with a piece of masking tape to protect te pitot tube.

Parts left…



Nice fit all around.

Day 4

Landing gear

Figurine posing…

Few parts left…

Testing the landing gear…

Rock solid…

Day 5

Landing gear doors glued and all the side panels also.

Day 6

The F-86 will have to wait for painting and decals as the decals are probably useless after 40 years.




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