Monogram Martin B-26 Marauder – 98.3…


98.3%, that’s how much I have uploaded on my 3GB upload limit on My Forgotten Hobby III. I will have to migrate sooner or later to My Forgotten Hobby IV.

I have updated my collection. The F-86 and the MiG-15 are now part of history so I only have 80 model kits in my collection.


With this in mind I am moving a little faster now as I am waiting to start painting the interior.


The main landing gears have been glued. The turret has been dry fitted.


One wing has been glued in sections using extra thin cement.


The other wing will receive the same treatment later.

I still have to encounter that “horrible” fit Plane Dave talked about, but I am vigilant, always dry fitting before glueing parts. Whatever happens I am willing to live with any unsightly gaps.

Next time, homemade interior green?

3 thoughts on “Monogram Martin B-26 Marauder – 98.3…

  1. tcinla August 18, 2021 / 11:10 am

    The Marauder isn’t painted “interior green”. It is painted (in the cockpit and nose, and rear gunner’s turret) in Dark Green (Tamiya XF-67 NATO Green will work). The bombbay is Neutral Gray, and the rear fuselage is unpainted aluminum.



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