Intermission – SnapTite F-4 Phantom – Day 4

This might explain why it is sometimes hard to choose my next build.

Plane Dave had written this a few months ago on his blog.

Lockheed P-38G Lightning

This is the Tamiya kit.  It’s currently their newest kit.  My one word review is: WOW! I think I said that word every five minutes while building it.  The engineers at Tamiya are artists.  This is simply the best scale model kit I’ve ever seen in my life.  Make no mistake, any good thing you think when looking at these pictures is to Tamiya’s credit.  I’ll accept the blame for any shortcomings; that is, any place I didn’t do this masterpiece of a kit full justice.

Plane Dave was so convincing I had to buy it.

However the “WOW” Plane Dave had used was quite intimidating to say the least. How can I be up to the challenge with Tamiya P-38?

Reflecting on how to choose my next build last week, I found this model kit hidden somewhere in the basement since the early 1980s.

Source Scalemates

Why in the world I had bought it I can’t remember. I remember I had built Fujimi F-4 in the early 1970s as well as their A-6 Intruder. Japan was starting to invade North American markets.

Source Scalemates

Source Internet

Why I had bought this SnapTite F-4 Phantom? I had no idea, but now I know why. It was not at all intimidating.

Finding it in my workshop sitting there for almost 40 years, it was partly built. On the spur of the comment I decided last weekend to finish it instead of throwing it away in the garbage. I had no instructions and I forgot to look on Scalemates which had them on their website.

Anyway I did not need instructions to finish it and adding a quick coat of homemade acrylic paint and sticking the decals on.

I also had this Monogram SnapTite SR-71A model airplane in 1/110 scale which I did also in the 80s.

The stand and a tail cone are missing, but I will keep it anyway.

This 1/72 scale Arado 240 by Revell was built in the early 2000s while on vacation. 

Source Scalemates



If you look closely you will see I had used Scotch tape for framing the canopy. I keep those model kits simply because I had built them and I want to remember the good old days.

All my collection of built model kits are in 1/48 scale except two Tamiya 1/700 scale aircraft carriers.

What I will do with all my collection is probably what other modelers are also thinking about their collection.

I have been given some away. One was a gift I had intended to give to the niece of Gérard Pelletier, a Boulton-Paul Defiant air gunner who is still missing off the northern coast of England since September 3, 1942. I can’t give it to his niece right now because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

One more model airplane was given two years ago as a gift to a virtual third cousin-in-law who had researched a P-47 pilot killed in 1945…

One more, a P-61 Black Widow, was given to a friend blogger whose father was a paratrooper during WWII.

I wish I could give more away but sending them by mail is very risky business. 

One of my two sons has two. A P-47 D and a P-38. My other son had asked for a Me 109 two years ago. I still have to find the time to give him one. My grandson has two but I took his Monogram A-26 Invader and his Monogram A-6 Skyraider back to put them on my wall for safe keeping. 

It’s hard to let them go sometimes, but giving them is what I found best to have more space for the new ones. My brother has several German planes: Fujimi Me 109G, Monogram Me 262, Monogram B-25J, Monogram Ju 87G and Monogram Do 335. He has his eyes set lately on my ICM He-111H-3.

Sweet dreams…

The problem he will have is where to display it. Maybe I will just take a picture, put it on a frame and…

About what’s next in December?

I will be compiling the results of your suggestions dropped in the comment section for my next build. Your comments will be approved but your suggestion will not appear so no one will see what followers wrote. On December 14 the result will be known.

I just can’t wait… Waiting is what I do best before choosing what next to build. Until then I will hit the pause button on My Forgotten Hobby III and be practicing my airbrush skills on my SnapTite F-4 Phantom using this as reference.

I have modified my workbench yesterday and discarded my homemade spray booth which I found too cumbersome.

Who knows I might even finish up the Harvard.