Intermission – Second basecoat and more – Day 5

I am now full confident I can use my airbrush inside during winter. The second basecoat has been done and I know the yellow coat will soon be following.



I know it because the yellow coat was done late Thursday afternoon.



Decals will wait for airbrushing a clear coat. The F-4 Phantom got also a white basecoat on its underside.


It will be set aside for now until I spray some light gray to another model kit. This can wait, but not 40 years. I don’t think my airbrush will last that long…

Next in line will be the Me 109 with its canopy masked off with Tamiya tape in October.



I will have to mask more, decide which camouflage I will be using and mix the proper shades with homemade acrylic paint I will eventually use with the He 111H-3 some day.

My Forgotten Hobby is mostly a waiting game and writing about it.