Intermission – What’s next in December? – Day 2

What’s next in December?

Your comments fuel this blog. I have decided to let my followers more voting days. I really want your input on what to choose next since I have no idea. 

My ICM He 111H-3 is now on hold.

I want to use my airbrush but I want to do some testing before.

So I am reposting what I wrote yesterday.  One follower has already commented. I have deleted his suggestions so not to influence others.

Thinking about what’s next on My Forgotten III, I was looking at my list of unbuilt model kits and I have decided to let you decide.

Simple isn’t. With 19 followers I should get some most interesting suggestions.

Just write a comment in the comment section and the reason why you are chosing it. You don’t need to add a reason.

The model kit which gets the most votes will be built. In case of a tie both will be built one after the other leading us to 2021, and boy do we need to get to 2021!

Model kits in red are off limits for now since they have been already started, some even 30 years ago. The result of the votes will be known on December 14, 2020.

Now for the list…

Helicopters (3)


AH-1S (almost completed 30 years ago)


Bell Huey Hog (bought many years ago)

AH-64 Apache (very little has been started 30 years ago)

Planes (72)

ICM (5)

Ju 88 A-14 (bought it on January 20, 2020)

Do 17Z-2 (bought it on January 21, 2020)

Ju 88 C-6 (bought it on January 21, 2020)

He 111 H-3 (bought it on January 22, 2020 and almost completed)

Me 109 F-4 (bought it on January 28, 2020)

Airfix (4)

Boulton-Paul Defiant (bought two in 2018, built one as a gift)

Battle of Britain and Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 (bought it in 2018)

Battle of Britain and Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 (bought it in 2018)

Messerschmidt Me109E (bought in 2018, almost completed)

Eduard (12)

P-39 (bought it in December 2019)

Spitfire Mk IX (bought it in December 2019)

F6F Hellcat Weekend edition (bought it in January  2020)

Spitfire Mk XVI Weekend edition (bought it in January 2020)

Me 110 E (bought it in January 2020)

Me 109 G-4 (bought it in February 2020)

FW 190 D (bought it in March 2020)

Me 109 E-3 (bought it in March 2020)

FW 190 A-8 (bought it in March 2020)

Hawker Tempest Mk V (bought it in June 2020)

P-51 D (bought it in June 2020)

Hawker Tempest Mk V Weekend Edition (bought it in June 2020)

AMT (1)

A-20 (bought it many years ago)

Tamiya (13)

Bristol Beaufighter Mk VI (bought it many years ago)

Hawker Harrier (bought it many years ago)

de Havilland Mosquito (bought it in 2018)

P-47 M (bought it in 2019)

F4U-1/2 Corsair (bought in August 2019)

F4U-1D Corsair with tug (bought in 2019)

Me 262 (bought in December 2019)

FW 190D (bought in January 2020)

IL-2 Sturmovik (bought in February 2020)

Bristol Beaufighter TFX (bought in June 2020)

P-38 F/J  (bought in June 2020)


P-47D Razorback

Revell (2)

B-29 (vintage 1950s) (a gift)

B1-B (bought many years ago)

Monogram (31)

North American AT-6 (Harvard – almost completed)

Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk (a gift from a WWII veteran)

de Havilland Mosquito (bought many years ago)

de Havilland Mosquito (bought many years ago)

Hawker Harrier (bought many years ago)

Hawker Typhoon (bought many years ago)

SBD Dauntless (bought many years ago)

Vought Kingfisher (bought many years ago)

A-26 B Invader (bought many years ago)

B-24 J (bought many years ago)

B-25 J (bought many years ago)

B-26 (bought many years ago)

B-58 (bought many years ago)

P-38 (bought many years ago)

P-39 (bought many years ago)

P-61 Black Widow (bought in August 2019)

F4 Phantom (bought many years ago)

F-8 Crusader (bought many years ago)

F-9F (bought many years ago)

F-80 (bought many years ago)

F-84 (bought many years ago)

F-86 (bought many years ago)

Mig 15 (bought many years ago)

A6 Douglas Skyraider (bought many years ago)

A7 Corsair (bought many years ago)

F-100 (bought many years ago)

F-101 (bought many years ago)

F-102 (bought many years ago)

F-105 (bought many years ago)

F-106 (bought many years ago)

F-117 (bought many years ago)

Mig-29 (bought many years ago)

Hasegawa (3)

P-40 E (bought in 2018)

Douglas Dauntless (bought in 2018)

Zero Type 52 (Minicraft/Hasegawa) (bought many years ago)

Trumpeter (1)

Vickers Wellington Mk III (bought in February 2020)

Ships (7)

Trumpeter (4)

Canadian HMCS Huron 1/350 scale (bought in 2019)

German Z-30 Zerstorer 1/350 scale (bought in 2019)

USS Lexington 1/700 scale (bought in 2019)

USS Saratoga CV-3 1/700 scale (bought in 2019)

Tamiya (3)

USS Hornet CV-8 1/700 scale (bought in 2019)

USS Yorktown CV-5 1/700 scale (bought in 2019)

USS Saratoga CV-3 1/700 scale (bought in 2019)