IJN Soryu | Aoshima AOS14851 | 1/700 — Kendzior’s Way

So far I have not been attracted to ship modeling. In the past years I’ve started some Chinese cruiser, Markgraf from ICM, some HB’s submarine, but it all was 1: 350 and they got stuck in fairly early stages, then ended up in a quarantine or in a bin. It has changed when I came […]

IJN Soryu | Aoshima AOS14851 | 1/700 — Kendzior’s Way

2020 year-end review

I will be hitting the pause button for the rest of 2020 while I will be resting after my eye operation. Everything is fine, but using my airbrush will have to wait after  January 18, 2021.

My Forgotten Hobby III has been quite an experience in 2020, first by finding out how binge shopping on Amazon has been affecting my collection which had added 23 new model airplane kits.

That’s 23 in 2020!

I am sure I won’t be adding more in 2021 as I have to realize I have to stop adding to my collection.

As a reminder, here is a list of the 23 model kits I bought in 2020.

ICM Ju 88 A-14 (bought on January 20, 2020)

ICM Ju 88 C-6 (bought on January 21, 2020)

ICM He 111 H-3 (bought on January 22, 2020)

ICM Do 17Z-2 (bought on January 21, 2020)

ICM Me 109 F-4 (bought on January 28, 2020)

Eduard F6F Hellcat Weekend edition (bought in January  2020)

Eduard Spitfire Mk XVI Weekend edition (bought in January 2020)

Eduard Me 110 E (bought in January 2020)

Eduard Me 109 G-4 (bought in February 2020)

Eduard FW 190 D (bought in March 2020)

Eduard Me 109 E-3 (bought in March 2020)

Eduard FW 190 A-8 (bought in January 2020)

Eduard FW 190 A-4 (bought in March 2020)

Eduard Hawker Tempest Mk V (bought in June 2020)

Eduard P-51 D (bought in June 2020)

Eduard Hawker Tempest Mk V Weekend Edition (bought in June 2020)

Tamiya FW 190D (bought in January 2020)

Tamiya IL-2 Sturmovik (bought in February 2020)

Tamiya Bristol Beaufighter TFX (bought in June 2020)

Tamiya P-38 F/J  (bought in June 2020)

Tamiya P-51B (bought in September 2020)

Tamiya P-47D Razorback (bought in September 2020)

Trumpeter Vickers Wellington Mk III (bought in February 2020)

I hope I have not forgotten one.

In closing, I wish you all the best for 2021, and may all your wishes come through like a 1/48 scale Handley Page Halifax Mk III and a B-17D.