December 14, 2013 – How to solve my big problem?

This will be my last post about remembering December 2013 before I let you in on a litle secret…

How to solve my big problem with displaying my finished model airplanes? I could build my unbuilt model airplane kits, and then give them away as gifts to someone to remember someone dear to him or to her. I could build a model of this Mosquito stationed in Malta in 1942.

Just Joe III zoom in

I did build a Mosquito Mk VI fighter-bomber in 2012 as a gift for a 84 year-old man who was looking for information about his war hero when he was 18 years-old back in 1945.

Eugène Gagnon 1940

Eugene Gagnon, Mosquito pilot

Would you like to know more? Are you sure? Then click here.

July 1945

Picture taken in July 1945 at Little Snoring, in England

I posted close to 250 articles on RAF 23 Squadron, a little known Mosquito Squadron with the R.A.F. in WWII. I told you my hobby was writing blogs.

My blog about RAF 23 Squadron has grown since with more than 450 posts. All I write is about preserving the past and honouring those who served in WWII.

Next time on My Forgotten Hobby III, finishing the MiG-15 and tackling  Tamiya IL-2.

Courtesy of Tamiya Website.















Intermission – Tabulation and final results – Day 14

At long last… December 14, 2020.

There is a reason behind each model airplane kit I have bought. This makes it difficult to choose one. There is also a story behind why I have been building model airplanes since 1958.

My Forgotten Hobby is a personal diary that I am sharing with everyone who might one day stumble upon it. This is how I view My Forgotten Hobby

Getting back to my forgotten hobby… here are the three comments left by readers who had offered suggestions.

Comment no. 1

The IL-2 Sturmovik would be my first choice, but wouldn’t be disappointed if the SBD Dauntless was chosen. The P-61 Black Widow would also be nice. Which of the three has the most detail and would be the most demanding?

Comment no. 2

I was about to vote for the P-51 D, when I saw the Kitty Hawk mention and thought maybe you should start with the one that basically created the others.

Comment no. 3

I have two thoughts; first is the BP Defiant. That’s one I’ll get to in a couple months and it would be interesting to see you process through. The other is the Tamiya P-51B. I always like Mustangs! And it would be an easy break after fiddling with the He 111.

So what is the story behind each of the model kits that were suggested? That would be a great way to procrastinate isn’t? But I am not going to do it as each one will be eventually built in 2021, 2022 oe 2023.

As for revisiting again December 2013 on My Forgotten Hobby…? We’ll see what happens a little later.

So stay tuned…