Post 322 – Monogram 1/48 scale PBY-5 Catalina – Lucien Angelo Colarossi


Time to pay homage to Warrant Officer Colarossi. He was a wireless air gunner.This is the only photo I could find.


Lucien Angelo Colarossi’s body was never found.


He was married to Norah May Seed.

Lucien Angelo Colarossi was born on October 15, 1914 in England. His parents were Angelo Colarossi  and Elsie Graham. Lucien had one sister Phyllis Mary Colarossi (1910-1998). 

Lucien’s father is somewhat famous.


At the age of 15, he modelled for Gilbert’s most famous statue Anteros (1891) on the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain in Piccadilly Circus.[1] He was later employed by an English firm of aircraft manufacturers.

More about him…

Next time, my homage to Iain Nicholson Richardson another wireless air gunner.