Post 319 – Monogram 1/48 scale PBY-5 Catalina – Masking Canopies


How to go about it?

I can’t use the same technique for the canopies I had used because they have faintly molded frames.

I have tried using masking tape but after an hour or so I called it a day when I noticed the tape I was using was leaving glue residue and was smearing the clear parts.


I found another technique which I had used in the 70s.

…a desire for very fine edges makes adhesive-backed foil a good choice. Aluminum or gold foil is less reflective than others, which makes it easier to see. Apply a little more than you need and burnish it down.

I had Elmer’s Spray glue and lots of aluminum foil. I tried it, however the frames are still too faintly molded. My other option is using painted masking tape which I had used before with good results.

Moving along I painted a strip of masking tape with my homemade zinc chromate to see if it will hold the paint.


And let it dry…


After I will try to mix up some homemade paint using the information I found with the decals I have bought from Aviaeology.

Aviaeology documentation


I can tell you right now the painted masking tape didn’t not work.