Post 303 – RCAF Overseas Catalinas: The ‘Saviour of Ceylon’ and Beyond – 48th scale Decals ‘n Docs

Of course I am not that cheap when it comes to start a new project especially this one. I bought some after-market decals on July 2 when I learned about the Saviour of Ceylon.

The link to the after-market decals is below…

Finally I will build my Monogram PBY-5 but not with the original decals.

Mine will be a tribute to the Saviour of Ceylon who is seen below second from the left.

PL-7404 UK-1122 17/03/42 413 SQN Left to Right: S/Ldr J.C. Scott, Toronto and Galt, Ontario; S/Ldr L.J. Birchall, St. Catharines; P/O A.M. Bell, St. John, New Brunswick; P/O W.R. Meadows, Montreal, Quebec.

As always this will be a way to remember someone who must never be forgotten for his life accomplishments.


Leonard Joseph (Birch) Birchall, CM, O Ont, air force pilot, war hero, educator (born 6 July 1915 in St. Catharines, ON; died 10 September 2004 in Kingston, ON).

During the Second World War, Birchall became known as the “Saviour of Ceylon” for alerting Allied forces of an approaching Japanese fleet. Captured after sending his message, he is also renowned for the courage and leadership he displayed while a prisoner of war.

To be continued…

A beautiful in-flight shot of a Royal Canadian Air Force Canso in flight in January 1942 in the Temperate Sea Scheme.

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