Post 305 – Monogram 1/48 scale PBY-5 Catalina – Steps 2, 3…and Beyond

I am always a few steps ahead on My Forgotten Hobby III. Of course I will be painting the cockpit assembly before glueing it. In fact I did it yesterday with homemade interior green.



Step 2 is already completed and glued, but you already know that if you are following this blog.


Step 3 is also done. I had to be careful because windows are not all identical.

I then glued these two parts.

The wings were glued after checking the alignment several times.

Then came the engines, the tires and the pontoons.

Step 5 will have to wait.

The stabilizers were glued, but the wings will have to wait before I glue them onto the fuselage.

Next time I hope to complete painting the cockpit.