Post 304bis – Monogram 1/48 scale PBY-5 Catalina – Step 1

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first open the box.


Sometimes you want to put everything back and wait another 25 years, but then you start adding 25 to 72 and realise you would be 97 years old. That’s enough incentive to start Step 1.

So Step 1 it is, without forgetting to read the instructions… 90-88-72.


With the He 111 looking on, I assembled the seats after reading the instructions once more. I thought I had been very careful. However I managed to invert these two parts… 88 with 89.

It was easily corrected because the glue had not set yet.

Then came assembling the cockpit bulkhead to the seats and the cockpit floor where tweezers came in handy.

I managed to goof up with this next step by glueing the control wheels in the wrong place. I could not figure out where the yoke lock had to be glued.

So I unglued the control wheels…

Then glued them back.

I thought the yoke lock must have been in the way of the pilot but that was what the instructions had said…


Then I got thinking…and I searched some YouTube videos.







Now it is time to decide if I should be painting the cockpit assembly first or glueing it in place.


I have already glued the waist assembly, and I have second thoughts…


What would you do? To paint or not to paint the cockpit assembly before installing it?


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