Post 320 – Monogram 1/48 scale PBY-5 Catalina – Masking Canopies Take 2


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

How to go about it now? When frustration settles in, you hit the pause button...and take a deep breath. The painted masking tape didn’t not work out and I know why.

I made little progress since pausing and watching YouTube videos on the PBY.


I have used painted scotch tape and this is how it turned out.





They will need some touch-ups later but I don’t see any more problems.

Modelers always have to face big decisions.

I have to decide if I should use paintbrushes to finish this project as I don’t think I can use my airbrush in the near future.

Speaking of big decisions… this project is dormant right now waiting for me to mask all the windows.


This one has to get the airbrush treatment so it will probably be done before the PBY.

What should come next? Finishing my three helicopters while I procrastinate masking the He 111 windows?

Maybe reading about procrastination?

Procrastination: A Scientific Guide on How to Stop Procrastinating