Building model airplanes, or any kind of model kits for that matter, has to be an enjoyable hobby. Nowadays some manufacturers seem to go all in with complicated new kits.

Plane Dave makes a good point with his last build.

Having built ICM He-111H-3 I have learned now how to tackle those newer kits with lots of parts and some fragile ones.

You just have to take the time and not rush into it. This applies also to any other builds even with Monogram MiG-15.

What I enjoy the most is finding how to improve what I build lately like using Tamiya extra thin cement…

And Tamiya masking tape which I can reuse over and over again.

Monogram MiG-15 is the perfect model kit for young modelers and it has enough detailed parts to make it more than just a toy airplane.

The landing gear is not tricky except for one part. The main strut is well engineered which is a big plus for alignment.

Some Websites say that the MiG-15 is over scaled, but I really don’t mind.

The MiG-15 should be a great companion for the F-86…

My F-86 seems most interested with the progress…just like a cat.

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