Monogram Martin B-26 Marauder – Horrible fit?

I am not there yet. I am 200 kilometers from my workbench.

But I got a little preview with the first problem before I left.


That’s what I left behind.

The locating pins with these parts were let’s say minimal if not laughable to get a nice fit.


I had used masking tape to glue the nacelles in sections.

Next the elevators were glued and clothespins were used to insure a proper fit. The more the better.


Before leaving for a three-day vacation I have checked how the nose would fit over the Norden bombsight and the machine gun.


Cockpit assembly

The cockpit assembly was too far in front so I moved it back and glued it.

Next time I will dry fit everything and see how the nose will blend with the fuselage.