Plane Dave’s B-26

I was sure Plane Dave had tackled Monogram’s B-26.

He posted this seven years ago…



This example is from the Monogram kit with PYN-up decals. This is truly a vintage kit. I remember being awed by its level of detail when I was a kid. It still holds up pretty well in that regard, certainly it has as much detail as anyone will ever see through those tiny windows! But wow is the fit terrible. Okay, maybe not the worst I’ve seen; but between the fact older kit tolerances aren’t what we expect from a modern tool, and this particular molding has been used many, many times, this really requires a lot of work to bring together. Especially in the area of the cowlings and nacelles. I used a lot of filler, and many hours sanding. I think it was worth it though, I’m pretty happy with how it came out.

I just can’t wait building it.