Progress report – High expectations

I had high expectations when I started building Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb especially since I had written so much about Spitfire pilots who had flown that version of Spitfires.

New kit, state-of-the art… in 2018.

The troubles I had was mostly with understanding the instructions. First with the cockpit assembly, then with how to glue it properly which left me checking and double checking where parts should go.

Having built model kits since the 1960s I had high expectations. The Spitfire is now almost complete except for the canopies. I have had a hard time to fit them properly. The kit has several canopies since Airfix like ICM will use this model kit for different versions.

You can see the result here as I had to file the part behind the pilot seat so I could glue the rear canopy.


Even by reading the instructions and dry fitting the belly tank several times I managed to glue it off center!

This is not to mentioned how I glued one tire the wrong way, the flat side up!

Live and learn…

The landing gear seems to be solidly glued and having the right stance. It does not show here, but you can trust me.

The next step will be adding a primer coat, then painting it to represent a RAF 232 Squadron Spitfire Mk Vb like this one.

It will be kind of a tribute to these Spitfire pilots posing for posterity on a group photo at Tingley, Tunisia circa early 1943.

Some of them never came back from the war.

To be continued…