Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb – Progress report I

There is a lot of psychology behind My Forgotten Hobby III. First there are two more: My Forgotten Hobby and My Forgotten Hobby II… I created the first one in December 2013.

This is the first post.

You could say it’s a collector’s item…

I write so I won’t forget to build some of what I have bought since the 1980s and also not to forget how building model airplanes was and still is lots of fun… well most of the time.

Building my latest model kit has lowered the bar for whatever expectations I had with newer model kits. I am now reconciled with Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb.

I had started painting my Airfix Spitfire Mk Vb last week after I had glued the canopies with clear acrylic paint. That’s the best way I have found for glueing canopies since reuniting with my forgotten hobby.

I had used light gray as a primer coat following Jeff’s advice. Then I did some experimenting with pre-shading using diluted black acrylic. A few days later I painted the underside using Airfix azure blue acrylic paint found in the kit, and then left the Spitfire alone.

Then this morning on the spur of the moment I have tackled the top side.

Airfix acrylic paints found in the box are working surprising well. You have to be careful though when you open the tiny jars because they are hard to open and it is easy to spill the content. Also once you have opened them it is easy to topple the jar if you don’t put something behind to hold it.

So beware!

I have traced the camouflage lines using a lead pencil and then I have added a thin coat of matt desert yellow.


I will be adding later a thin coat of dark earth later and we will see how things work out.