Moving My Forgotten Hobby II to My Forgotten Hobby III

Having used my 3 gigabyte allowance on WordPress so I am moving on to My Forgotten Hobby III. Now I know I won’t regret what I have bought last week after reading two reviews on The Modeling News which is a blog about modeling…

This one is a review of ICM Ju 88D-1 a reconnaissance version of the Ju 88-4. I can see what I can expect from ICM Ju 88A-14.


First introduced in early 1941, the Ju 88D-1 was a dedicated photo-reconnaissance variant based on the Ju 88A-4. The photographic equipment consisted of Rb 70/30 or Rb 50/30 high altitude cameras and Rb 20/30 low altitude cameras in various combinations depending on the mission. Unlike the Ju 88D-2, the D-1 had its cameras mounted in the fuselage immediately behind the rear bomb bay. In operational service, however, only the two starboard camera was carried, while a prepared rivet pattern on the fuselage underside marked the position for an optional third port side camera window. The Ju 88D-1 featured an optional gasoline-fired heater in the camera compartment with an exhaust vent in a streamlined fairing on the fuselage spine. The camera compartment was accessible for servicing through the rear bomb bay. To make way for the new camera ports the FuBL2 Lorenz blind approach radio antenna was also moved further aft. The Ju 88D-1 was able to carry the complete range of bombs or auxiliary fuel tanks available to the Ju 88A-4. The Ju 88D-1 quickly became the most widely used Ju 88 reconnaissance-bomber variant. [source: In Action #85]

This is a review of the Ju 88C-6b.


The Ju 88C was originally intended as a fighter-bomber and heavy fighter by adding fixed, forward-firing guns to the nose while retaining some bomb carrying ability of the A-series bomber. The C-series had a solid metal nose, typically housing one 20 mm MG FF cannon and three 7.92 mm (.312 in) MG 17 machine guns. The aircraft retained the ventral Bola gondola under the crew compartment through individual units sometimes removed this to reduce weight and drag to enhance performance. The Ju-88C was later used as a night fighter, and this became its main role has notified me yesterday that these two model kits are on their way to Canada from Austria…


These two are still being processed by the same vendor… 


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