Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb – Update

This is the first project on My Forgotten Hobby III.

I bought this kit two years ago on for under $40 CAD. I had not built a Spitfire since the 70s and I have to say I was missing building a Spitfire especially since I have been writing a lot about Spitfire pilots since 2011. A case in point…






Getting back to my forgotten hobby for now, I keep forgetting to read what other modelers have written about what I am starting to build. I should have read what this modeler wrote before I started Airfix Spitfire MkVb…

This modeler is comparing two Spitfire Mk Vb, one made by Tamiya and the other one by Airfix. He encountered the same problems I had last week with the cockpit assembly. I always took for granted that model kit manufacturers do rigorous testing before putting model kits into production.

It must have been apparent to someone that some parts were not fitting well leaving noticeable gaps as you can see here on Jon’s blog. 

Also instructions can be sometimes vague and you have to figure out where some parts are to be glued which is causing some frustration even after dry fitting a few times. This had taken the fun out of building my Spitfire, but I guess that’s the challenging part of the hobby.  Jon’s had a second and a third part where he had some more issues with the Spitfire…  



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