Interview with Bert Earnest

About VT-8 and the crew of a TBF Avenger

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This is from World War II Database.

Jim Bresnahan interviewed Bert Earnest on 4 June 1992.

Interviewer: Jim Bresnahan

Interviewee: Albert “Bert” Earnest, Avenger torpedo bomber pilot, US Navy Squadron VT-8; lone surviving pilot of the squadron during the Battle of Midway

Edited Transcript of the Interview

Earnest: I was called in for flight training in February of 1941, and finished in November of 41, and then down to Miami, at a place called Opa-laka, which is just northwest of Miami. I was ordered to talk to Squadron 8 – not my choice, it was just what I was ordered to. At any rate, I went home to Richmond and was there when, on December the 7th, when the war started. So I reported to Norfolk, Virginia to the air station and the squadron was getting ready to go on a shakedown cruise on the Hornet. We stayed just…

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Revisiting the Past

Where I was in 2017 on My Forgotten Hobby…

My Forgotten Hobby

There are things you just can’t explain. For one there is my passion for airplanes since 1958, and my passion for the history of World War Two.

I studied to be a history teacher in the mid 60s. Graduating in 1970, I only taught history for two years out of 34. Being a young teacher in 1970, I got what was the least interesting subject to teach for other teachers in my school…

Religious education.

I taught that subject for two years, which I must say I have enjoyed teaching. Then, in the third year, English as a second language was added to my teacher’s task since I was bilingual.

A year later, the school principal needed a second history teacher…

I had finally made it!

My dream had finally come through…however that dream would last for only two years before I got shipped back to teaching English as a…

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