Martin B-26 Marauder Color Photographs Part I – 320th Bomb Group

This should be my next build.

Inch High Guy

B26_01_320BG441BSA formation photograph of Marauders from the 320th Bomb Group’s 441st Squadron. Modelers note the variety of camouflage and markings, remaining paint where the cheek gun packs have been removed, and the extensive oil staining under the nacelles.

B26_02_42-96322_B-26F_320BG441BSA beautiful study of B-26F 42-96322 of the 441st Squadron.

B26_03_42-96322_B-26F_320BG441BSAlthough not the highest quality photo, it is comparatively rare to have photographs of both sides of an aircraft – let alone in color.

B26_04_42-96322_B-26F_320BG441BSA 441st Squadron formation banks away while their target burns in the background.

B26_05_41-34891_B-26C_320BG441BS_MissouriMuleAnother 441st Squadron ship, this is 41-34891 “Missouri Mule”, a B-26C. The red cowling faces and propeller hubs are a Group marking.

B26_06_42-107783_B-26C_320BG441BS_ThumperIIThumper II is another 441st Squadron ship. She is B-26C 42-10778.

B26_07_42-107783_B-26C_320BG441BS_ThumperII_noseartHere is a close-up of Thumper II’s nose art, note the mission markers extend to cover the landing gear door.

B26_08_42-107534_B-26C_320BG441BS_BelleRinger“Bell Ringer” was B-26C 42-107534. One of the cheek gun fairings remains…

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