Monogram MiG-15 – закон Мерфи

Progress report

Last Tuesday night I had finally glued the wings to the fuselage and found that the fit was just perfect. I had checked later if they were perfectly aligned and if the glue had set.

Так и было, но потом что-то выглядело ужасно неправильно.


We all know what Murphy’s Law is…, but just to be sure I had checked Wikipedia.

Закон Мерфи – это пословица или эпиграмма, которая обычно называется “как”: “Все, что может пойти не так, пойдет не так”.


This is what went wrong.

The only thing I can think of is that I had inverted the left strut with the right strut.

I am sure I had checked the instructions several times, but…

Perfect example of Murphy’s Law isn’t?

закон Мерфи

Major surgery ahead…

Operation “Landing Struts”


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