ICM He 111H-3 – Day 28

Day 28 was a day of “remembering” the past. Remembering why I have been doing all this since December 2013…writing about a forgotten hobby.

It was written in the stars back in 1958 that I would start writing about my forgotten hobby in December 2013. I was then remembering the movie Air Force I saw as a kid, and I had started following Amateur Airplanes’ blog.

Amateur Airplanes was building 1/72 scale model airplane kits and his collection of what he was building, as well as his stash, was impressive.

I was learning a lot from him even the word “stash” which I had in the basement but did not know how it was called.  

Not my stash but I wish it was…

So this is how I started remembering in December 2013 that I had a  stash collection of unbuilt model kits in my basement, and also remembering all those model airplanes I had built starting in 1958.

The first one was Lindberg F-86.

Source Scalemates

Lindberg F-86 was state of the art back then. It was not perfect by any means but I did not know that in 1958.

Moving fast forward to 2020, this is my work in progress…

I remembered I had to glue these last parts to complete the landing gear assembly before I start painting. I had procrastinated long enough and for good reasons.

Tweezers were quite helpful and I had my hands full which is why I took no pictures showing the tweezers.


Next I moved to install these panels on the engine nacelles.


And then there was checking on this.

Solid as a rock!

The side window was causing the problem with the fit. It was not glued tight leaving a bulge.

With so many parts in that model kit, each part has to fit perfectly so all the others will fit just right. 

There is still a gap but I will fill it with Testors clear glue.

The other side looks fine with a small gap.

The model will be ready for the next step tomorrow when all the engines panels will be added as well as the landing gear doors.

I dry fitted some parts here to get a feeling of what it will look like before I start using my airbrush in a few days.

So why I have been doing all this since December 2013…? I am still looking for the answer, but it might be hidden here.

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