ICM He 111-H3 – Day 1

Posting on My Forgotten Hobby III how I am progressing from day to day is the only way I have found to get going with building my collection of model kits before I get to be 100…

These are once again the complete instructions downloaded from Scalemates.


There are 116 steps and more than 300 parts in this kit.

Yesterday morning Steps 1 to 7 have been completed without any problems. I have learned by now to follow the instructions to the letter… A18, C13, A10, A19…

ICM steps 1-5

I have started using Tamiya extra-thin cement I bought a few months ago.


ICM step 6

However I will have to figure out how to use it more carefully…



ICM step 7


When I reach step 17, I will take Plane Dave’s advice installing the pilot’s seat after the rudder bars and the pedals.

Although maybe a few beefs with the instructions (seriously, they would have you attach the pilot’s seat then build and place the rudder bars and pedals that go under the seat. (?) Or you could improvise and build/attach the rudder controls, then glue the seat down over them… (!))

We’ll see what happens when I reach step 17, but before there are the these steps I will have to tackle with…

ICM steps 8-12

ICM steps 13-19

ICM steps 20-21-22

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