Heinkel He 111H-3

This is what Plane Dave had to say about ICM He 111H-3 with useful advice. The bold is mine.

I’ll say “wow”, but in a somewhat different sense than the pure joy I got from Tamiya’s latest.

ICM is a Ukrainian company that has staked their claim on German bombers. As is common with Eastern European model companies (ICM and Eduard especially) the complexity is dazzling.

There are many steps and parts involved in building interior detail, bomb bay and engines.

The quality of the engineering is excellent and I have no major complaints about detail or fit.

Although maybe a few beefs with the instructions (seriously, they would have you attach the pilot’s seat then build and place the rudder bars and pedals that go under the seat. (?) Or you could improvise and build/attach the rudder controls, then glue the seat down over them… (!))


My biggest complaint is a number of fragile assemblies that really do need to be put in place early (like guns and pilot’s station) then handled very delicately for the next several weeks of work!

Also, speaking as someone who is most interested in air frames, markings and colors I’m not really very interested in the engine and bomb bay details. Fortunately, it’s not a big thing to skip or work around those assemblies. Maybe on a later build I’ll choose to expose some of that, but for now I sure end up with a lot of unused plastic!

I do want to emphasize these are not BIG complaints! This is truly a beautiful kit and I am impressed with ICM as a modern provider of some bigger subjects. It is to their credit that my complaints are really only in comparison to the very best of the best.


They are very thin! (modelers will know this is a mixed blessing, they meld into the finish better but are fragile and harder to work with).

They also seem to need a lot of time soaking in water before they are ready to work.

But over all, seriously no big problems. I was greatly pleased and relieved.

So in total a very satisfying kit that builds into an excellent model. A few somewhat unpleasant quirks but no big deal. I will happily work with this company again.


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