Little friends

I have not been very active lately on My Forgotten Hobby III. This might be one reason.

Thomas Oscar Meteyer is sitting in the cockpit of a P-51B at Steeple Morden in England. This is a link where you will get more information about RAF Steeple Morden.

Two weeks ago I had never heard of Steeple Morden or about Thomas Oscar Meteyer. That was until his son Michael wrote a comment about something I had written on my blog Our Ancestors which is about genealogy.

In his comment Michael told me that his father was a Mustang pilot!

At first I thought he flew P-51 Ds, but by asking Michael more questions about his father this is how I had found another Website.

Peter Randall who is the webmaster was more than generous in his explanations, and he shared all he knew about Thomas Oscar Meteyer which in turn I shared with Thomas Meteyer’s children.

To be continued…

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