1/48 Hasegawa RF-86 Haymaker

Too good for not sharing…

Model Airplane Maker

In the Spring of 2019 I made the trip to Dayton Ohio in order to attend WrightCon and to visit the Museum of the United States Airforce.  My collective 6+ hours in the museum felt incredibly rushed because there is simply too much to look at.  The report of my USAF Museum visit also seems incredibly rushed because I tried to fit it all into one post.  I could easily make individual posts about the airplanes that stood out.  One of those ‘stand out’ airplanes was the RF-86 “Haymaker” Sabre.


What is an RF-86 Sabre?

The RF-86 is a variant created from the F-86F Sabre.  This was a conversion that turned a tactical fighter into a strategic reconnaissance aircraft.  The guns and gun sight were removed and camera equipment was installed in the gun bay.  Due to the size of the equipment and film canisters, some large fairings had…

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