My name is Chris… and I have an addiction…

Does he really want to know if I am a magazine collector?


Model Airplane Maker

No – it’s nothing serious and probably not all that harmful.

Kit hoarding you think?  No – its not cool model kits, interesting and colorful decals or aftermarket.  Besides, seeing some of the stashes I have seen, my pile of kits is barely at Level 1.  As well, I have been to many a show and hobbyshop and walked out without buying a single kit or aftermarket product.  But I almost always walk out with something else.

Reference material?   Close, but not quite.  I do have an ever expanding library of good reference material. But I also have a confidence that lets me ignore yellowing old books featuring “in action” photos and questionable color plates… they will always make a better one if I just give it time. Otherwise, collecting these things can lead down the hoarding path quickly.

No, my addition is used model magazines.  Usually priced cheaply and stored unsorted in cardboard boxes.  Under…

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