Intermission – Testing the airbrush

It has been a long winter, and spring weather did not allow me to use my airbrush outdoors. Yesterday I decided to give it a try indoors using a large fan for ventilation and wearing a N95 mask (I had one since last year).

I then proceeded to test my airbrush on two unfinished model kits:

First my yellow Monogram AT-6 (Harvard) and…


my Airfix Me 109 E.




The Harvard had a black base coat and I did not like the result after I had added four coats of yellow.


The same with the yellow nose of the Me 109.


Using Windex window cleaner I had previously took the yellow off of both planes.


I already had on hand a perfect mixture of light gray acrylic paint having the consistency of skim milk.


I then started to paint both in alternance.

DSC07930 (2)



This is the final result.


I then used my airbrush for the Wellington Mk X stopping after a while because I was feeling a little dizzy.






Which taught me another lesson. Next time… I will be spraying outdoors!



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