Vickers Wellington Mk III – Progress report… A little more progress

Airfix has to be commended for its tribute to 425 Alouette squadron with its first model kit of the Wellington.

Airfix has come a long way since the late 50s when it made the Wellington Mk III. 

My next build will be Trumpeter’s 1/72 scale Vickers Wellington Mk X for my friend James who I am dying to tell you what he did a few years ago as a tribute to 425 Alouette squadron.

He wants me to take pictures of the steps while I am building it.

I will have to finish up the Mk III before, and it is not that easy especially trying to mate the engine nacelles with the wings unless you don’t mind if plastic cement is oozing out all over.

The upper parts of both nacelles don’t mate perfectly with the top and the bottom wings. I had tried glueing the bottom parts first, but it did not work out.

So I had to unglue everything and then I used super glue at the wing roots. It did not work well either…

So I had to ask Mother Invention who told me…

Use a Vise-Grip…!

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