Airfix Me 109 E7 – Next build

While I was adding decals to the Spitfire…

I decided to start the Me 109 E7…

With all the experience gained, and also all the frustration while building the Spitfire Mk Vb, I have read this review very carefully…

His conclusions were…

This really is a nice kit. To its plus, it does three different variants and has loads of weapons. The wing fits snugly and in general, it has very good fit. The wing gun insert is probably the worst fitting item in the kit and I’m not totally jazzed with the decals. It is a real plus having separate flight control surfaces, though I did find the clear bits a bit thick with the definition of the frame lines not as crisp as I’ve found on other kits. Still, it is nothing really major.

Now I did use two Pavla resin sets on this one and they do add a level of detail not found on the kit. The gun barrels and exhaust are particularly well done as are the wheels. However, for most, this set isn’t really necessary, though it is nice. Overall, I’d have to say that this one offers real value for the money and is one I think you’ll enjoy as well.

Now my motivational photos…

Being motivated I have started the cockpit yesterday and found small issues mostly with fragile parts to be detached from the sprues and then to be glued together.

Here I had to add a small piece of sprue to hold the seat level since a pin was cut off. 

Me 109_LI (2)

I also found that the best way to work around some fitting issues was to use two tweezers when I am holding parts to glue them.


Next time I will be painting the cockpit using the paint found in the kit.



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